Recycled material waterproof laptop cover sleeve with cobra


Eco friendly recycled material blue computer sleeve, cover made from up-cycled industrial cement bags with cobra print handmade in Cambodia by small community. 

Durable and waterproof ethical recycled material laptop sleeve is covered with recycle plastic for additional durability. All design originated from reclaimed bags.

This eco-friendly bag is zero waste vegan product

By UppyBags: ethically sourced and ethically produced bags

Please note: Slight material imperfections and pattern variation might take place due to material origin (up-cycled, recycled  cement, rice, animal feed bags)

Features: FULLY LINED| VELCRO CLOSURE | DURABLE | WATERPROOF | VEGAN | SUSTAINABLE | FAIR TRADE (fair prices are paid to small community producer)

Size : 18' (46 cm) diagonal,     14,5'(36cm) * 10' (26cm)

Fits up to 16' computer

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