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Recycle material white unisex backpack

Recycling VS upcycling and where rice backpack belongs


As was mentioned all UppyBags are made from upcycled cement and rice bags, as well as different animal feed bags.

So what does that mean 'upcycled'? Why not just 'recycled'?

Upcycling and recycling are processes where unwanted items like plastic bottles, old rugs, old clothing, old bags are reused by remaking them in to something new. However the difference is in a certain stage of the process of remaking new garment.

Recycling process brakes down unwanted items completely to then create new items. Here an example might be old paper that is broken down to particles and using special chemical elements, building this particles back to new paper. This process requires use of extra chemical elements, water, energy.

Upcycling process doesn't require complete destruction of items, but just partly for the reason to reuse that item. Example will be rice bags, that were pre-used and then cut down and remade in to your new UppyBag backpack. Only skilled hands are required to do this job. Minimum waste, no additional colour nor a lot of energy required. You can try to do it yourself. 



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