I'm woman in business based in Bristol and working closely with small community of Cambodian makers. I partisipate in design and development, where Cambodian makers apply their native skills to produce wonderful fashion items from up-cycled cement, rice and feed sack.   

Upcycled materiał bag brand UppyBags


Trip to Cambodia brought me to these unusual products and especially to the wonderful producers. Since then my heart was always in Cambodia. I thought that sharing their beautiful skills would not only help developing community, but also add to development of sustainability. 

Upcycled materiał bag brand UppyBags UK


We are looking for opportunity to become fully social enterprise over time.  We would love to make not only an environmental impact, but also to have influence on society. We have commitment to deal directly with the producers and to pay fair prices always to support their workforce.

For us is important continuously work with UPCYCLED materials and support circular fashion. We are UK based start-up that can engage emerging economies.

Recycled material bags uppybags

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