Who we are

UppyBags is very small socially orientated enterprise. It is me graduate of London Metropolitan University and originally from Latvia and my partner helping me. Guys we are very small at this stage and I apologise in advance if there are slight mistakes or delays, also we try to be sharp and super professional.  

We are based in London, but closely working with small community of Cambodian producers. They are making bags for us in good working conditions and are fairly paid. 

  Cambodian temple and girl Woman and men by AngkorWatt

How it all started

It all started in 2018 with a trip of my life to South East Asia. Trip to Cambodia brought me to these unusual products and especially to the wonderful producers. Since then my heart was always in Cambodia. I thought that sharing their beautiful products would not only help developing community, but also connect me more to the country.

Cambodian craftsmen working 

What are our products

Bags that are made from recycled industrial materials. These are rice, cement and feed bags that were collected from factories all over South East Asia washed and recycled in to new trendy UppyBags. 

 woman washing recycle material industrial bags

Our aim 

We are looking for opportunity to become fully social enterprise over time.  We would love to make not only an environmental impact, but also to have influence on society. We have commitment to deal directly with the producers and to pay fair prices always to support their workforce. For us is important education of underdeveloped countries and creation new opportunities for UK based start-ups that can engage emerging economies.


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