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Process of how recycled material bags are made

We are a colorful British brand that blends sustainability, style, and functionality. Each our product has a story about its past life. We give new life to already existing materials, adapting them to the dynamic needs of modern consumers.

UppyBags was established in 2020, and since then, we have been introducing diverse products dedicated to sustainability and circular fashion.

Thank you for supporting our forward-thinking, sustainable start-up.

Style is about the personality who owns it, but the functionality and production of environmentally friendly product - this is up to us.

We don't believe in trends and seasons! We believe in circularity, transparency, and choices that are better for the planet we live on.And yes, it is about YOU and every one of us making businesses like UppyBags the new norm, accessible and available everywhere. "Reuse, reduce, recycle" mentality needs to be at the top of everybody's mind - let's lead the way by example!

This is how Uppybags make recycled material bags

We work with heavy-duty post-industrial materials, transforming them into circular products, extending the life cycle of materials that are about to end up in landfills or incineration.

With a female founder holding a degree in beauty, fashion and sustainability, UppyBags embodies a profound passion and dedication for design. All product are UNISEX, and the funky color palette is dictated by the materials we get. Feel free to donate a banner to influence our designs ;)

We are just getting started. While the construction of all products is done in our UK studio, our production is project-based. For example, for the scaffold banner collection, we outsourced production to a small family business in the EU. The Cambodian collection is dedicated to fair trade and supporting deprived communities in Cambodia.

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