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We'll recycle your banner without heavy industrial processing

Solutions for brands who would like to increase their sustainability credentials and make good for the planet. For intro call please contact us by  

What are we busy with at Uppy Bags?

UppyBags is bringing diverse products dedicated to sustainability and circularity since 2020. Each products has story and association with past live of material transferring to  new live of product, adopted to dynamic live style and consumer needs.

The products are crafted from large-format single-use materials like scaffolding building banners, which otherwise would have ended up in the landfill or go through highly polluting incineration process. We provide recycling solution with no secondary heavy  industrial process.

Our product development is based in UK studio and production is located near shore. We are working on sample development to showcase possibilities. 

How to join our mission?

We are always looking for suppliers of large-format single-use scaffold banners or similar materials for a collaborative effort. We can also develop a co-branded product along with sustainable marketing campaign for your company.

As a client, you can: brand the product (your labels on our bags), influence product design. Ourpreffered MOQ is 30pcs, but we are flexible. 

As a partner, you can subsidise up-cycling and receive few products. 

For instance, image the transformation of a XXXX brand scaffold banner from central London into a sustainable accessory that can be used as a ESG marketing merchandise.  

We are also open for collaborations with other creatives, brands and associations! Please reach out to us or send DM on Insta or TikTok.

Why you should work with us?

We are professionals, easy and fun to work with! Let's brainstorm together how to make better choices for the planet and:

1.Create a sustainable product together, aligned with principles of a circular economy.

2. Maybe tick boxes on your company's sustainability agenda: Gain environmental credentials and showcase dedication to environmental responsibility.

If interested, feel free to connect directly with Svetlana for more details. Let’s transform your waste in to sustainability statement!

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