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Versatile and funky looking bags, backpacks, shoulder bags.

Collection of bags made from recycled industrial materials like cement bags, rice bags, flower bags. The unique  prints give off a strong environmental impact message, making the bag stand out. Our bags are fully lined, have pockets and compartments to organize your personal belongings. All bags are water resistant.

Take care of the environment while supporting artisans and skilled craftiest from underpriced communities, when you purchase our stylish, recycled bags. Make a good choice today!

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RECYCLED sustainable backpack. Ethical backpack UK. animal print bagsRecycled material roll-top backpacks with animal prints
Recycled material backpack with tiger print. Roll-top bagRecycled material roll-top backpacks
Small recycled material backpack with fish printRecycled material small white backpack, recycled material backpack UK.  Edit alt text
Recycled material backapck by uppybags, sustainable backpacks UK, animal print backpacksRecycled material backpack, car tire backpack, animal print backpack UK, recycled sustainable backpack UK, UppyBags, backpack with animal print  Edit alt text
Recycled backpack UK, ethical bags UK, recycled material backpack with animal print. Laptop backpack, work backpack made of recycled material with elephant and green camel print UppyBags  Recycled material backpack with animal print and car tyre
Recycled material tote bag with elephant print, multicolour toteRecycled material multicolour tote bag with zip, recycled material tote bag, eco friendly tote bag UppyBags  Edit alt text
Recycled material tote bags with animal printsRecycled material tote bags with animal prints with pockets and zip
Recycled material bumbag with elephant printRecycled material funky bumbags. Bumbags with prints
Recycled material gym bag, animal print gym bagRecycled material gym bag with animal print. Cobra print gym bag
Recycled material bumbag, bags made from recycled materials  Edit alt textRecycled material bumbags. Bumbags with animal prints. Recycled bags
white tiger shoulder bag. recycled material bag by UppyBags, hand bagRound crossbody handbag with blue elephant
Recycled material shoulder bag UK. Animal print round crossbody bag UK  Edit alt textRecycled material shoulder bag UK. Animal print round crossbody bag UK  Edit alt text
Recycled materiał ROUND BAG with animal printRecycled material round bags with animal prints . Ethical bags.
Round crossbody handbags Sale price$42.00
Round crossbody multicolour handbagsFunky recycled material multicolour round bag with animal print  Edit alt text