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Fair trade international is a charitable organisation designed to help producers in developing countries, share the benefits of trade more equally worldwide. The producer led initially also ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly production of goods.

Fair trade ensures that power is given to producers and ensures that they work to be as sustainable as possible, amongst also enhancing producers equitable trade relationships. Each producer is a member of a democratic cooperative within the fair-trade system, in which information is feely shared on price.

Fair-trade aims to promote the idea of ‘trade not aid’, working directly with the producers and businesses to create partnerships, transparency, respect and fairness within international trade. The producers in the scheme have an equal amount of say in any decisions made, making fair trade the first, truly fair international system.  

Fair-trade practices benefit both producers and the environment

  • ensures a minimum price for all products.
  • fair-trade premium is given to all businesses, which is used by the producer to develop their business e.g investing in organic farming.
  • ensures a stable income for employees, therefore minimizes the risk of exploitative child labor.
  • preserving natural habitats.
  • genetically modified organisms (GMO) are forbidden within Fair Trade.
  • water efficiency.


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