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Regenerative fashion, upcycled fashion

Learn about future of garments through this interactive exhibition

Last chance to visit a fascinating interactive exhibition in London to learn more about future circularity of garments. It runs until 20th of March. See more details here:

I found this event fascinating! "Regenerative Fashion Hub 2024" (RFH) at Rich Mix in Shoreditch focuses on regenerative fashion and its implications for the industry. This emphasizes importance of shifting towards a circular economy model, with efficient use of resources and minimized waste. The event aims to explore innovative approaches, including use of recycled materials and regenerative practices.

However in my opinion, while RFH addresses issues related to damaged or old clothing, they may not fully address underlying consumer behaviors driving fashion consumption. There's a significant aspect of consumer psychology involved, where people are drawn to newness and variety, leading to more frequent purchase of clothing. This is not because their old clothes are worn-out, but often just to fulfil material desires and emotional needs.

When you are choosing upcycled material bag from UppyBags vs bag made from new materials you are becoming "a conscious buyer". We, in UppyBags trying to stick with minimal environmental impact. So by choosing one of our upcycled bags for your laptop or other needs, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

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