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Sustainable doesn't mean expensive.

Sustainable doesn't mean expensive.

"Have you ever stood in the queue at Primark and wondered about the cycle of fast fashion?

Fast fashion is often seen as an affordable way to stay trendy, especially for low-income consumers. Is it truly beneficial?

There is a hidden cost to the cheap price tags. Fast fashion often leads to short-lived trends and emotional dissatisfaction from impulse purchases. But what if we reframed value?
Degrowth is a concept that challenges our current society and encourages us to buy less and be a conscious consumer. Beyond this, degrowth is about prioritising experiences over material possessions.

Sustainable doesn’t have to mean expensive!
Consider investing in quality pieces. You will see that you will wear them longer than any disposable clothing without needing to replace them. With UppyBags we put a lot of effort for you to have your recycled bag and use long time. 
Embrace sharing! Swap clothes with friends or borrow for special occasions.
Focus on experiences - a skill-based workshop, a local concert or a weekend getaway create stories you’ll cherish in the long-run.

We can break the cycle of fast fashion. Let’s move beyond buying less and moving towards building a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

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